Facebook launches zip code targeting

Facebook launched zip code targeting Wednesday, which would bring special value for local advertisers as well as political advertisers who look to reach specific districts, according to the announcement on Inside Facebook, ClickZ reported.

“Advertisers can now target ads including Sponsored Story campaigns down to the zip code level throughout the U.S,” according to a Facebook spokesperson. They could only target geographically to cities, states, and provinces before, but can target individual ads to up to 2,500 zip codes.

Zip code targeting has been used long by direct marketers, which enable them to select specific demographics in areas within cities. Starting from next week, as long as Facebook users have put their zip code in their profile information, advertisers can utilise that data, Biz Report reported.

“Targeting via ZIP codes brings about location targeting functionality to 5-digit ZIP codes within the United States, specified by the United States Postal Service (USPS), and opens up another avenue for advertisers to market to their desired audience,” Facebook’s developers blog noted.

Image: Inside Facebook

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