Report: Interactive ads boost brands

Digital ads with more interactivity are good for business, new research has found.

Readers perceive brands with more interactive digital ads, such as those with photo galleries, sponsored videos and 3D product views, as being more “innovative,” research from Affinity’s VISTA Digital Service has found.

Eighty-eight percent of readers said they enjoy the experience of an interactive ad with video more, and 89 percent said they believe the advertiser is “innovative” for incorporating the video into their ad, according to the service, which measures ad effectiveness on iPad apps and other mobile platforms.

Of readers viewing photo galleries through a digital magazine ad, 88 percent said they are able to learn more about the product, and almost nine out of 10 said the brand is innovative. Meanwhile, 92 percent said experiencing a 3D view of a product enhances their overall magazine reading experience, and the same percentage consider brands using 3D views to be innovators.

Image: eurotuner

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