Study: Facebook activities drop in mature markets

Though Facebook still dominates the social networking market, a new research, GlobalWebIndex, by Trendstream, found in some of the site’s biggest markets, including U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, the usage for activities, such as status updates, sharing content, messaging and installing apps, has plunged sharply declines, Media Post reported.

“Time has wearied users of Facebook,” said GWI, while total worldwide usage continues to increase, thanks to the emerging markets.

The study interviewed about 100,000 individuals in 27 markets in June and July.

According to the study, In U.S., the proportion of users messaging friends on Facebook was down 15 percent in July compared to the previous month, while that of “joining a group” activity dropped 10 percent. “The trend is even more pronounced among U.S. college educated 20somethings, the original users of the platform,” the report added.

By contrast, total active usage of all social network sites has boosted significantly worldwide across all age groups. For example, usage was up 26 percent among group ages 16 to 24 and up 35 percent among those ages 35 to 44.

In general, emerging markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia are the driving forces for the growth of social networks, while users in more mature markets, including U.S. and the U.K. are shifting focus on e-commerce. Some markets, such as Singapore and Turkey, have both activities significantly popular, but tend to skew slightly one way or the other, Media Post reported.

Image: GlobalWebIndex

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