Nielsen: Google leads in unique visitors; Facebook tops in time spent

Nielsen released the first results after its modified “Total Internet Audience” metric, which looks to aggregate usage at home, work and elsewhere.

In terms of unique visitors in July, Google beat Facebook, with 172.5 million and 158.9 million, respectively. Yahoo was on the third with 148.6 million, while MSN/Windows/Bing followed at 131.1 million. YouTube came in the fifth with 126 million, Media Post reported.

Facebook, however, topped other sites in time spent per person, with an average of five hours and 19 minutes. The figure is actually under-reported, said Nielsen, due to an alteration in data gathering.

AOL Media Network came next at two hours and 18 minutes, with Yahoo followed at two hours and 14 minutes. Users of Google sites spent an hour and a half on average, while YouTube users averaged one hour and 39 minutes.

According to Nielsen, the “Total Internet Audience” metric includes in site usage on digital platforms such as mobile devices and tablets, Media Post reported.

Image: Meta Opinions

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