Study: Millennials high on digital and social media

Millennials, compared to other generations, have greater awareness of newer, youth-oriented marketing campaigns and more exposure to those through social media, while non-Millennials mainly count on newspapers and direct mail, according to a new study “American Millennials” from Barkley, with Service Management Group and The Boston Consulting Group.

The study found that Millennials watch significantly less live-TV than others – Only 26 percent watch TV for 20 hours or more per week, versus 49 percent of non- Millennials who does so. Instead, Millennials, compared to all other groups, prefer watching shows mainly on their laptops (42 percent versus 18 percent), with DVR (40 percent versus 36 percent), or On-Demand (26 percent versus 18 percent), Media Post reported.

In addition, a third of Millennials like brands more if they use social media, nearly double the percentage of older people who said the same, according to a study by eMarketer. But Millennials were also found less tolerant of social media marketing – over 30 percent said it was annoying for brands to be on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

23.5 percent of Millennials interacted with content from a brand’s Facebook page on a daily basis, versus only 17 percent of older adults who did the same. Millennials were also more likely to interact with brand content on Facebook between one and six times per week. In general, older adults were about twice as likely never to engage with brand content on Facebook.

Image: Quang Minh (YILKA) via flickr

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