Amazon launches Kindle for France

Three weeks after launching a portal in Spain, Amazon today has launched its first French-language version of the Kindle, as well as a French Kindle Store.

The French Kindle will offer more than 35,000 e-books in the language, as well as English-language e-books. French authors will also be able to use Kindle’s Direct Publishing tool to offer their titles for sale on the e-reader, Slash Gear reported.

The French Kindle will cost €99, and is the six-inch, WiFi-only version without a keyboard. Its official release will be Oct. 14, but it is currently available for pre-order. Amazon will also allow self-published authors to have access to the platform, as well as French magazines and newspapers, as either subscriptions or single purchases, according to paidContent.

Kindle is still ahead of Google’s latest and only venture abroad in the e-book space, the launch of its eBookstore in the United Kingdom yesterday.

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