Barnes & Noble unveils Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble today launched a new Nook Tablet for US$249. The device has double the memory and internal storage of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, expected to be released soon for $199, Computerworld reported.

Although the Nook is “superior” to the Kindle Fire, its over-$200 price tag is likely to push consumers away, analysts said, according to the report. Amazon is a more recognised brand name, and the access to Amazon content is expected to sell better to holiday shoppers.

However, the Nook Color was also priced at $249 and “sold millions,” paidContent reported. It now costs $199. The Nook Simple Touch e-reader, initially priced at $139, is now $99.

B&N currently has about a 27 percent cut of the U.S. e-reader market.

Image: Ars Technica

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