Search leads U.S. mobile ad revenues in 2012

As search is the top marketing spending on the Web, it leads on mobile platforms, too, according to the latest estimates from British market researcher mobileSquared.

The company said total mobile ad revenues will reach $2.35 billion in U.S. for 2012, up 65 percent from $1.42 billion this year, Media Post reported.

Search revenues, the growth driver, will top $1 billion itself and represent 43.1 percent of all mobile ad revenues in 2012, up 90 percent from the previous year.

SMS and other opt-in messaging used to dominate mobile advertising in early years, but banner ads now have become the second largest format, accounting for 27.8 percent in 2012. Mobile display will follow with 48 percent gain in value next year, making it $442.2 million in total revenues.

Opt-in messaging will be up 47 percent to $383.8 million, or 23.9 percent of revenues, while ad-related app revenue will represent 2.4 percent and video and mobile TV advertising will make up 2.7 percent of revenues, Media Post reported.

Image: mobileSquared

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