British users don’t like to engage with brands on social networks

Almost two out of three British online users do not want to engage with brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, according to a recent survey by TNS.

The study surveyed more than 72,000 Internet users worldwide, and found that Britons are less willing to embrace online marketing messages and corporate blogposts compared to those in other countries.

61 percent of British Internet users reject with brands on social networks, compared with 57 percent across other developed countries and 45 percent in Latin America, Media Guardian reported.

There is a big digital divide in attitudes towards the expenses of online access. About half of the population in fast-growing markets, such as Egypt, Nigeria and India, said they would use the Internet more if it was cheaper, while 81 percent in Ghana and 71 percent in Nigeria also said so.

20 percent of the 2,093 Britons surveyed said that social networks are a good place to buy products, lower than the global average of 40 percent. A further 60 percent disagree that social networks were a good place to learn about brands, according to TNS.

Users in fast-growing markets tend to be more open with brands on social networks – only one out of three Columbians and 37 percent of Mexicans don’t like to be bothered by brands.

The Digital Life study was conducted between June and September, 2011, by TNS.

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