Mobile opens the doors for Google Maps

Just when you thought Google Maps was finished mapping every inch of the globe, they’ve opened up a whole new world to map: the indoors.

The latest version of the Google Maps application for Android phones and tablets offers floorplans of some large indoor public spaces, such as airports and shopping malls.

Google Maps 6.0 for Android also shows users where they are within the floor plan, with a blue dot that updates as the person moves, PC World reported. The app refreshes when users move to different floors within the building. Labels within the maps include bathrooms, ATMs, airport gates, store names and more.

Although only a handful of indoor spaces have been mapped so far, Google accepts floor plans from any venue that wishes to be included, so the space is sure to grow quickly.

Google Maps went indoors for two main reasons: the spread of mobile accompanied by the increasing privitisation of public space, according to Fortune. The move also “further solidifies Google’s lead over AOL’s MapQuest.”

Image: Before and after Google Maps went indoors at the Mall of America
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