HuffPo partners with El País for Spanish version

The Huffington Post has made a deal with Spanish newspaper El País to launch a new version in Spain.

El Huffington Post will have a space in the Madrid offices of the market-leading newspaper for its local website team. The Spanish version will be “very, very rooted in Spanish culture and politics, but with The Huffington Post template of curation, original reporting and blogging,” Arianna Huffington told Capital New York.

HuffPo has “reached a mass audience in America thanks to a mixture of original content, news aggregation, involvement of users and an important platform for bloggers and experts from all areas,” said Rosalia Lloret, CEO of PRISA Digital Development News, which owns El País, according to the newspaper.

“Both partners will also enhance the original editorial content through a network of journalists and blogger affiliates. The Huffington Post is bringing together an editorial team before its release,” the article explained.

In the United States, HuffPo hasn’t always had a smooth relationship with newsmedia companies, as its aggregation practices make up a good portion of the website’s traffic. However, outside the U.S. HuffPo will benefit from partners’ “infrastructure, credibility and resources; their partners in turn benefit from HuffPo’s digital savvy and from having access to the prodigious volume of content it is known to churn out on a daily basis,” Capital New York reported.

HuffPo has already partnered with Le Monde Group and Les Nouvelles Editions Indépendante for a French version of the site; however, in that deal, the French publishers will share equity with AOL in the site. The Spanish version does not appear to be sharing equity, paidContent noted. The French site has not yet launched. Huffington Post UK launched in the summer.

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