Study: Special effects make video ads more successful

Advertisers have more success when they use visual effects in their online videos, compared with no visual effects, a new study from visual special effects software maker GenArts has found.

When ads contained specialised video effects, they saw a 13 percent increase in downloading a coupon, 9 percent lower abandonment rate, and a 12 percent increase in purchase intent, the study found.

GenArts used videos featuring sports company Puma to measure the impact visual effects have on the overall effectiveness of video promotions. The study tested two versions of the same Puma sneaker promotion, one with visual effects and one without. The video with effects significantly outperformed the one without.

“Advertisers are challenged to make their ads as effective as possible, but it’s not always clear which tools enable you to do that. This case study shows that visual effects are a cost-effective and actionable way to significantly increase the appeal and credibility of your brand, and ultimately increase viewer purchase intent by as much as 12 percent,” Katherine Hays, CEO of GenArts, said in a statement.

According to comScore, advertising currently makes up 15 percent of online video. In October alone, 7.5 billion video ads were viewed in the United States, MediaPost reported.

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