Tablet users spend more on e-commerce

Tablet users tend to spend 21 percent more on each e-commerce purchase than non-tablet users, according to the Digital Marketing Insights report by Adobe, Media Post reported.

“The results of this study indicate that tablet devices have become an absolutely critical new sales channel,” Brad Rencher, SVP and general manager of Adobe Digital Marketing Business, said.

The study found that demographics of tablet visitors, for example, higher income, as well as the flexibility of the overall tablet user experience, positively relate to higher tablet visitor profitability.

Tablet visitors are more skewed to males between 18 and 34 years old, and tend to be more affluent than other online shoppers.

Also, tablet users have significantly higher usage rates over the weekend, when people usually have more time to shop online.

Therefore, during the 2011 holiday season and throughout the whole year, tablet visitors spent more per purchase than others who use smartphones, desktops or laptops, Adobe said.

Compared to smartphone pals, tablet visitors spent 54 percent more. They also spent 21 percent more per purchase than desktop and laptop visitors.

Moreover, tablet visitors were about three times more likely to purchase online than smartphone visitors, and were nearly as likely to buy as desktop or laptop visitors.

This Adobe study analyzed 16.2 billion anonymous Web visits of more than 150 top U.S. retailers, Media Post reported.

Image: Adobe

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