iPad 3 may be launching soon

Apple’s iPad 3 is apparently headed to the United States right now – at least that’s what several Apple-watching news sites are reporting.
Apple.pro has obtained a shipping document showing that the new tablets have already shipped. Security and secrecy surrounding new Apple products is always high, but the document shows that the iPad 3 is on its way to the U.S. now from Foxconn factories in China. If the photo isn’t a hoax, the iPad 3’s arrival would likely put the new device on shelves around mid to late March.
Some reports predict that the iPad3 will modify its shape and functions in several dimensions. For example, they say the new iPad will be smaller, lighter and more easily portable due to its eight inch size. Also, it is expected to work more smoothly, thanks to a quad-core processor and retina display. The dock connector is also rumored to be getting smaller, and becoming a “micro dock” connector, according to ZDNet.
Overall, the shape of the iPad 3 will be in line with that of the iPad 2. “In other words, what will sell millions of new iPads is the same thing that sold all of the iPad and iPad 2 – apps,” the technology observer James Kendrick wrote for ZDNet. 
The most important part of the iPad 3 is downloading apps at a faster speed, likely making them even more ubiquitous.
With all the rumored new features, there is still one that isn’t expected in the new version: the iPad 3 will not be waterproof, Cult of Mac reported. Apple has been exploring and developing new technologies that can make their inventions resist water for a long time, but that technology isn’t quite there yet. Although the iPad still needs more time to be waterproof, the iPhone 5 at the end of the year may achieve the goal, making water damage a thing of the past.

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