Locating Story: Art performance through Twitter

Reporting using Twitter and maps is relatively new, but one artist in Paris is using these new technologies to combine storytelling with art.

The scene takes place on the streets of Paris, but the real-time performance can be followed only via Twitter, El Pais reported. The story does not have a script, and everything that happens depends on the performer, who sends messages and photos on Twitter via his mobile phone. The person plays a detective, discreetly observing a person he does not know, in order to relate to the person’s daily routine.

Locating Story” is an innovative art performance that combines Twitter, geo-location software and performance to explore the concepts of surveillance, anonymity and identity. The project, by Spanish artist Dora García, is the last part of a series of exhibitions called “Blow-up,” curated by Christophe Bruno Daniele Balit for the virtual space of Jeu de Paume. The performance began Feb. 20 and runs until March 15.

To follow along, follow the Twitter account @locatingstory and visit Blow-Up’s website.

Image: Twitter account @locatingstory
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