Storify, or how to do social storytelling

The Internet has long been a source of information overload, and companies that help sort that information bring almost as much value as the information itself. Enter Storify, which aims to do just that, but with a social twist.

The online storytelling platform enables users to create stories by combining content that is already published in different social media networks.

Beginning Feb. 22, the Storify app became available on the iPad, making the drag-and-drop system easier. However, the system is limited and has some bugs that need to be worked out, a review by Appolicious stated. Users are also unable to browse stories on the Storify system unless they use the in-app browser, which crashed a lot, stripped content or added it multiple times, according to the review.

Storify was created as a place to embed feeds for all types of social media. Starting with a blank page, users can then embed tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram and Flickr photos, YouTube videos, or any other link related to the story, along with their own words. Storify also helps them do a Google search right away. Aiming to be an all-in-one tool, Storify’s sorting technique means all the content can be found on a single web page.

It is a handy way to narrate stories in real time, without even having “to go outside” to catch the information. In other words, Storify helps users to put information in order and develop a contextualised and coherent story, explains. Users can also check out the featured topics on the front page to see which are the top stories from social media, Mashable noted.

Storify’s public beta was launched in late April 2011. Prior to that date it was mainly used by professional journalists and major news organisations.
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