Spammers grow along with social media

The development of social media has brought enormous business opportunities as well as spammers, which are evolutionarily part of this growth. Sometimes it is difficult to tell who the pioneer is.
But in this week’s lawsuit against five major web tool providers, Twitter was determined to strike first to gain strategic advantage, WIRED reported. The document can be viewed through the link via WIRED.
The five defendant are TweetAttacks (, TweetAdder (, TweetBuddy (, James Lucero (of and Garland Harris (of, according to Mashable.
The sued tool providers inject irrelevant marketing messages into one’s tweets once a trending topic is being tweeted.
“One challenge in battling spam is bad actors who build tools designed to distribute spam on Twitter (and the web) by making it easier for other spammers to engage in this annoying and potentially malicious activity,” Twitter explained in a statement.
CNNMoney reported that Twitter has spent around US$700,000 in anti-spam efforts to combat the defendants’ marketing blitzkrieg, meanwhile seeking injunctions against each defendant as well as monetary damages.
More often, such behaviour is taken as beating the dog before the lion. Twitter also stated in its blog that “we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter.”
Lawsuits against spammers were also brought to the court by Facebook and Google previously.
Image: CNNMoney
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