Magazine’s print version mimics tablet

Digital content layouts have mimicked print versions for a long time, but the tables could be turning, as magazine publishers are beginning to consider redesigning their print versions to mimic what’s on the screen.

Hearst magazines UK has launched today a new quarterly publication called Good Ideas, both in print and digital formats, paidContent reported. The print edition has been designed with tablet-friendly features such as smaller articles, greater emphasis on visuals, smartphone-friendly typefaces and an interactive contents page.

The magazine has 164 pages and writes about beauty, health, fashion, food, homes and gardens, as well as consumer issues and finance. Good Ideas is produced by the same editorial and design team as Good HousekeepingThe first issue costs £3.99 and will have an initial print run of 150,000 and 300,000 downloads of a free iPad edition through the iTunes Newsstand.

“Designing Good Ideas to be as accessible digitally as in print is a natural next step for our business and provides an exciting platform for advertisers to engage with a new audience of women,” said Judith Secombe, UK group publishing director at Hearst.

A coming unification of print and tablet versions can re-shape magazine design for the future, and publishers are considering several factors, as Hearst president David Carey recently told paidContent: “Tablet engagement metrics almost perfectly mirror what you see in magazines.”

As print now begins to mimic digital, confusing a print magazine with an iPad could be a problem of the past.

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One Response to Magazine’s print version mimics tablet

  1. Maia Dobson says:

    This is a good innovation on magazine ads. I post free ads in the Philippines site but it's not as pretty as this one. I commend those who created this wonderful ad.

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