The Huffington Post now writes in ‘español’

The Huffington Post launched its Spanish edition last Thursday. El Huffington Post emerges as the new platform for a global conversation for people of Spain and the global Spanish-speaking community.

HuffPo announced last December its partnership with Spanish newspaper El País, as Newsbizblog reportedEl País’s parent company PRISA is also said to own 50 percent of El Huffington Post, reported

“El Huffington Post will be rooted in Spanish culture, will be run by Spanish journalists, and, like Spain itself, will have a very distinct personality and its own way of approaching the world,” wrote Arianna Huffington in an announcement.

“Faithful to the spirit that turned the Huffington Post into an essential daily read for millions of U.S. readers, we want to explore the new possibilities offered to Spanish society by a 100% online medium: a space in which information and analysis are enriched by the contributions of readers who now have the ability to interact, react and debate with journalists and newsmakers. Now more than ever, citizens want to participate in current events and El Huffington Post wants to become their meeting place,” according to Montserrat Domínguez, El Huffington Post’s editorial director.

El Huffington Post emphasises on giving a prominent role to the readers: news are no longer stories written and brought to an end by journalists; news are the beginning of the debate, reported El País.

The website is constructed upon three spaces: a column for the hard news, another one for the soft news, related to society and celebrities, and a third one for bloggers. El Huffington Post’s most appealing part is its bloggers list (in total 60) which includes leaders in politics such as Esteban González Pons, Popular Party deputy secretary of programs or Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, secretary general of the Socialist Party; or in sciences such as María Blasco, head of the National Cancer Research. As well as filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia, activist of the 15-M movement Pablo Prieto, sports journalist Eduardo Verdú, or hip hop artist El Meswy, among others.

The Huffington Post has today more than 9,000 bloggers, and 200 journalists among UK, France and Canada editions. The next expansion will be Italy, as HuffPo partnered with L’Espresso in January, reported paidContent.
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