Wall Street Journal redesigns its video site

The Wall Street Journal Digital Network launched last Thursday a new WSJ Live site that features videos from WSJ.com, MarketWatch.com, Barrons.com and SmartMoney.com, to watch and share videos from a centralised platform, paidContent reported.
WSJ Live follows the idea of “WSJ everywhere” by providing live news and on-demand video directly from 2,000 reporters. Video is now an “inseparable part of the Journal experience,” Alisa Bowen, general manager of the Journal’s Digital Network, said in March.
The new WSJ Live site also includes HD content and a new full-screen feature, enhanced social sharing capabilities, on-screen notifications and alerts when a live show is about to air and easier access to WSJ Live’s TV guide and weekly schedule, The Next Web reported.
Also, users will soon be able to share videos with friends as WSJ Live is planning to integrate Facebook’s Social Graph.
WSJ Live is available on 18 different platforms, including the iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV and a YouTube channel, among others.
This month, WJS Live launched two new shows: Asia Today, live programming with taped video segments reporting on the latest news from Asia; and DC Bureau, focused on politics and hosted by Jeff Seib, Washington Bureau Chief.
As of May, WJS Live streamed 19.7 million videos and its YouTube Channel had almost 25,000 subscribers and streamed 20.8 million videos, according to BtoB.

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