LinkedIn’s simpler homepage will look more like Facebook

LinkedIn plans to redesign its homepage in order to place more emphasis on simplicity and connecting with people, and will likely make the site look more like Facebook, the Examinerreported. The changes, announced Monday, are expected to be rolled out to all 160 million plus users in the next couple of weeks.

The key of the update will be “simplicity,” a stronger link to the site’s newsfeed, LinkedIn Today, as well as an interface that will make it easier to connect people, and check on what others are doing, according to TechCrunch. The new homepage aims to make the site more social and hopes to keep users on the site rather than leaving it to browse elsewhere.

New features include a newer, simper, and more modern design; more relevant updates up top; and a richer, cleaner updates stream, LinkedIn Product Manager Caroline Gaffney explained on the social network’s official blog

“We’ve revamped the entire Homepage experience with a new look and feel to make it easier to scan and find the information that matters most to you.” Gaffney wrote in the blog.

The new page will also feature larger pictures. “We’ve completely refreshed the way updates look and feel in the stream with richer visuals for easier scanning and viewing,” Gaffney noted.

Image: TechCrunch

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4 Responses to LinkedIn’s simpler homepage will look more like Facebook

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  3. Arthur Smith says:

    If that were the case, ecommerce web design companies would probably treat linkedin campaigns as if they were facebook campaigns.

  4. Aside from knowing marketing strategies, it is also a good point that advertising agencies in new york is always open to changes to keep them going with their business. Just like the sudden change in LinkedIn’s homepage, this just proves that there is no such thing as “permanent,” everything changes to fit the norm.

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