Realtime brings trending links in real time

URL shortener bitly launched last Friday a new search engine for the most trending links, called Realtime, TechCrunch reported.

Realtime, or simply “,” is “an attention ranking engine, offering the power to navigate through the stories that the world is paying attention to right now,” as described in an official statement by bitly. In other words, Realtime enables users to know, at any given time, what’s most discussed on Internet.
Realtime aggregates all the links shared by users around the world, while also paying attention to how many users have clicked on those links. Users can also filter the results by keywords, topics, countries, languages, and the social network or website on which it appeared.
However, the results will depend on how frequent the users themselves use links. Also, since most popular social networks (Google, Facebook and Twitter) are using their own URL shortening services (, and, results on Realtime can be limited too, as Sean Hollister wrote for The Verge. already launched a social search engine for its enterprise customers last October, TechCrunch reported.
At the moment, Realtime has free beta service and can be applied through an invitation.
However, this blogger went to its website, registered and got access immediately.

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