Google promotes AdWords in newspaper ad

Google, the Internet giant, recently released an ad in the Canadian newspaper, The Global and Mail, promoting its latest GoogleAdWords service.
Ironically, Google AdWords served clients to place their ads on Google in order to attract more customers. This time when it comes to Google, it chose the traditional media to promote themselve, placing the printed ads to reach their potential clients.
The paradoxical situation was spotted by The Global and Mail reporter, Steve Ladurantaye, who soon gave his opinion on Twitter: “An ad for Google ads in today’s Globe demonstrates the value of print ads, yes?”
Ladurantaye shed the light on the importance of traditional printed media, presenting that newspaper still has its influence on today’s digital world.
While Google believed in the newspaper may bring them customers to register for AdWords service, it also slightly doubted the ability the Internet ads can have on people.
Nick DeLorenz, the director of interactive and new media for The Times Leader, showed his suspect:
What I suspect, though, is that a 60-year-old CEO is more likely to be reading Globe and Mailthan they are to be putting around on Google AdWords or paying attention to the ads on a website, no matter how much tech-savvy posturing they do in public.

Image: Mashable
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