Nokia unveils new phones ahead of Apple’s expected release

The smartphone industry is entering a time of keen competition.

Nokia, once the largest worldwide mobile-phone maker, has introduced Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows smartphones. This move is ahead of Apple’s expected launch of iPhone 5 next week. However, Nokia failed to mention when and where the phones will be available and at what price, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Rival Motorola Mobility, a unit of Google, also unveiled three phones on the same day. However, Motorola only revealed release dates and prices for one of the three. Nokia’s operating system in new products are based on Microsoft system.

The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is supposed to rival against Apple’s iPhone iOS software and Google’s Android operating system, which Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop described as a  “three-horse race”, according to Forbes.

“Nokia has shown that they can clearly be different but they must show consumers that different is also better,” Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Gartner, told Forbes. Mr. Gartenberg attended Nokia’s launch event in New York. “New features with an evolution of a winning form factor can help Nokia stand out from both other Windows Phone vendors as well as other competitors. No consumer will mistake these phones for other devices on the market.”

According to the Associated Press, Apple has invited reporters to a news conference in San Francisco on Sep. 12. Apple is expected to release the new iPhone 5, which will be on sale a week or two later.

iPhone 5  is expected to have a longer screen. Apart from that, iPhone5 will likely to have the ability to access the latest wireless data networks in the U.S., according to Associated Press.

Other unconfirmed reports indicate that Apple will launch a more portable version of the iPad to compete against competitors like Kindle.

Image: Mobile 88

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