Print magazine to feature a video ad for first time in UK

Like a magic scene from Harry Potter, UK readers can now experience a first for print.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire will feature a video ad in its October print edition.
The Dolce & Gabbana ad promoting its latest perfume will last 45 seconds, and will only appear in a few thousand copies, much less than the magazine’s monthly circulation of approximately 255,000 copies, Media Guardianreported.
When readers open the magazine to page 35, the advert will automatically play, showing the short film shot by Mario Testino.
“It is a bit like getting the golden ticket in the Wonka bar,” Marie Claire‘s publishing director, Justine Southall, told Media Guardian.
The ad depends on the LCD technology from Americhip, a U.S. firm that created lots of similar video ads around the world. According to Mashable, The print/video ad format made its debut in 2009 with a Pepsi ad in 50,000 copies of Entertainment Weekly in Los Angeles and New York. More recently, the format promoted Bacardi in Russian Vogue.
“This is massive and it’s a huge change,” Southall said. “It is expensive but the cost will come down in time and it will become a more accessible part of what we do.”
Image:  Media Guardian
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