Fairfax uses BitTorrent for market research

Australia’s Fairfax Media finds videos people are interested in by searching illegal download site BitTorrent, and then offering the owner payment in order to legally share it, Fairfax TV head Ricky Sutton said at a government broadband conference, The Australian reported yesterday.

“One of our major ways to get content is going to BitTorrent, and other BitTorrent sites, and find what people are illegally downloading to then go to the content owner and say, ‘hey, I watched this last night it’s going awesome on BitTorrent’ and then say ‘how about giving it to us?’”

“We then bring it over here and we advertise on BitTorrent that it’s legally available on our platform, and then pay some revenue share based on it. That’s worked quite effectively.”

Helping producers earn something on content that is being unmonetised elsewhere is probably much cheaper for Fairfax than commissioning video content from scratch, like the television industry operates, paidContent pointed out

Fairfax hasn’t invented this tactic, however. The music industry does it too; with labels believed to closely watch what is downloaded without paying as well, the article noted.

Fairfax mostly buys independent content, not major television shows, TorrentFreak observed.

Image: BitTorrent

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