NY Times to launch Portuguese news site in 2013

The New York Times announced Sunday it will launch a Portuguese-language online edition designed for Brazil in the second half of 2013, reported El País.

Headquartered in São Paulo, the site will publish an average of 35 articles per day, most of which will be articles translated from NYTimes.com. About one third will be original content by local journalists written exclusively for the Brazilian reader.

“Brazil is an international hub for business that boasts a robust economy, which has brought more and more people into the middle class,” Arthur Sulzberger Jr, chairman of The New York Times Company, in a statement.

Several major media brands have focused their interest in the Brazilian market. In the beginning of this month, the Financial Times began printing its  Brazilian edition, reported News&Tech.

The launch, which comes ahead the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympics, represents the Times’s plans to expand its global reach into Brazil, reported blog Media Decoder, from NYT.com. The Times has already a bureau in Rio de Janeiro. As well, the site’s editor, who has not yet been selected, will report to Joseph Kahn, the foreign editor of The Times. 

Michael Greenspon, general manager of the company’s news services division, told the Financial Times that The Times had chosen Portuguese over Spanish because “the question with Spanish is, “which Spanish? Mexico Spanish is different from Spain Spanish”, reported Portada-online. However, he added it was likely that in five to 10 years The Times would also have a Spanish digital edition. 

Earlier this year, The Times launched a beta Chinese-language Web site (cn.nytimes.com) which has seen rapid adoption by readers in China. It will officially launch next month.

Image: naharnet.com
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