Hurricane Sandy takes out top media sites

The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Gawker’s sites, including Gizmodo, all fell to Hurricane Sandy Monday evening, when the websites went down due to power outages and flooding, GigaOm reported tonight.

The media sites continued to tweet, explaining that they were down due to “technical difficulties.” and “outages,” However, Gawker explained its situation most colorfully: “Gawker is temporarily down because the 57th Street Crane just flooded our servers with sea foam, or something. Back with you shortly.”

Although TechCrunch reported Buzzfeed as being back online later in the evening, thanks to Content Delivery Network Akamai, which hosts content at servers distributed around the world, as of midnight eastern time, Gawker appeared to still be down and Buzzfeed was down again. Servers for the Daily Kos were being powered by back-up generators; however, as of midnight, its website was down as well.

The Huffington Post was back up as of midnight.

Image: HuffPo’s front page as of late Monday night

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