HuffPo wants to dominate your iPad and TV too

The Huffington Post on Thursday launched an iPad app that can be viewed on your television screen – a trick that may lead to tablets competing with TVs as the focal point of living rooms, GigaOm reported.

The HuffPost Live app is a mix of entertainment and social media, and is the app for the online TV network of the same name. The network streams video and is aimed at readers who can join conversations via webcam. When live broadcasting is not on, highlights are aired, The Next Web explained.

“On its own, the HuffPo Live app is not extraordinary. Where it could be a real game changer, however, is the fact that the app can be slung onto a TV set using Apple TV. This means that Huffington Post has a chance to control not just a living room’s second screens but also the primary one as well,” according to GigaOm. “In practice, this could occur if groups of friends watch the presidential elections on HuffPo Live and share comments in real time via their iPad — comments that would appear on their TV. If this comes to pass, HuffPo Live will have created what amounts to a walled garden extraordinaire in living rooms across the land.”

The app is available on Apple’s App store for free download.

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