Twitter adding photo filters, Google sued over photo

Twitter will add photo filters to compete with the Facebook-owned Instagram, The New York Times reported.

In upcoming months, the microblogging site will update its mobile applications to allow users to add filters to photos being shared on Twitter, all without using Instagram.

“As most smartphones are now equipped with high-resolution cameras, photography and mobile devices go together like peas and carrots. Flickr, which was once the go-to photo-sharing site on the Web, has since seen an exodus of people who have opted for Facebook or Instagram. Twitter has proved to be very popular among advertisers who want to reach people on smartphones, where the company’s audience tends to flock,” Nick Bilton explained on the NY Times Bits blog.

TechCrunch’s Drew Olanoff pointed out that “Twitter needs to embed more media on its site and rely on third parties less.”

Google, meanwhile, is having less fun with online images. It is being sued by a French man for invasion of privacy after he was photographed by Google’s Street View urinating in his own yard, PC World reported.

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