Big Data for Media conference starts 7 June

Data stockpiles are growing exponentially…consumer profiles, media content usage patterns, Twitter and Facebook posts, online purchases, public records, real-time media user behavior and much more. The world’s inaugural Big Media conference on Friday, 7 June will cover these topics and more.  The conference is organized by World Newsmedia Network and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Executives from media companies on the editorial and commercial sides, academics, NGOs, and other media stakeholders from 24 countries and 4 continents will attend the sold-out conference, hosted by the Open Society Foundations in London.

Live coverage will be at, and Twitter at at #bigdatamedia. We welcome your contributions.

Conference speakers will inspire tactics and strategies to harness these data. The media industry’s leading edge experts from journalism and business disciplines will detail their own case studies, outlining their challenges and triumphs using tools to understand complex data sets. They will outline how these experiences have paved the way to prize-winning journalism, audience insights and growing revenues.

Key points to be discussed at the conference include:
• The Big Data landscape
• How Big Data is the ‘New Oil’ for media companies
• Using Big Data to achieve growing revenues and audience insight • Telling powerful journalistic stories with Big Data and mapping
• Leveraging Twitter and Facebook Big Data

Confirmed Speakers are:
• Gerd Leonhard, media futurist and Big Data guru
·       Jim Roberts, Executive Editor, Reuters Digital, and former Assistant
Managing Editor, New York Times
·       Michael Brunt, SVP, The Economist
·       Stephen Doig, Pulitzer Prize-winning data journalist & computer-assisted
journalism expert and academic
·       Andy Mitchell, managing director at ANyMedia network, part of
DMGMedia, formerly A&N Media including Daily Mail
·       James Ball, Lead data journalist, Guardian
·       Sanjeevan Bala, Channel 4 Head of Data Planning and Analytics
·       Simon Thomas, Strategic Systems Director, Global Analytics and Insight,
·       Dr. Bernie Hogan, Big Data scientist, Oxford Internet Institute, University
of Oxford
·       Marco Billeter, CEO, Premium Publisher Network Switzerland
·       Martha Stone, Big Data researcher, Reuters Institute and conference organiser
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