ANyMedia: The "oil" of big data is intent

The “oil” of big data, argues ANyMedia, is intent. 

“With the knowledge of what a person is about to do, we can do targeted, high-engagement advertising,” thinks Andy Mitchell, Managing Director from ANyMedia.

The knowledge might include, for instance, that people who are looking to buy a van are also likely to apply for a job on Or people who are planning an adventure trip, also want to join the DavidLloyd gym membership. 

“We are searching for insightful data. It is much more than an advertising company can do,” Mitchell says.

The risk in placing your ads on ad exchange, is that you lose your data on audience. Publishers instead need to see, what is going on in the ad space. So ANyMedia is marrying three kinds of information, for example taking log level data, tag collects data, and dashboarding to agencies.

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