"Don’t force the reader make sense of the data"

Dr. Bernie Hogan from the Oxford Internet Institute warns about using big data for news purposes only, because it is possible.

“Not all data is equally valuable, nor equally interesting,” he says.  “3D has been a boon for data, science and interactivity. The renaissance of interactive visualizations has brought maps and charts in a wide use in media companies.” 

Hogan also warns of loading *all* of the data into one the news story. The data shouldn’t get too complicated for the reader to understand.

In addition, Hogan says that big data from a self-selected audience is no better than a poorly selected sample of that audience.  Survey analysis is still needed.

For instance, if only tweets would have been used as a source when reporting on the Hurricane Sandy, the peak of the hurricane damage would have been thought to concentrate on Manhattan, instead of New Jersey.

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