launches new business site, Capital

Last week, launched a new business-based website, Capital, to digest global and economic business stories for executives, with a particular emphasis on appealing to American execs. 
The content on the new website will feature complex business stories and focus on topics that cover personal finance, leadership and management, Digiday reported.
Three-years ago,, popularly known for hard news, started with content verticals – Travel, being the first such vertical.  Following travel, other verticals emerged, and now the site is diversifying its focus into feature content, like Capital. 

In the near future, the U.S.-based business website plans to delve into science, tech, environment and health, which have proved popular with users. The site also plunged into an Autos vertical at the beginning of this year and more recently, Culture. 

Editorial for Capital is being led by former WSJ and BusinessWeek editor Jennifer Merritt and will feature content from former WSJ columnist, Liz Garone, former host of ABC News’ Money Matters Kelsey Hubbard and former WSJ editor Ron Alsop, reported.

The site is also leaning on video (like the video below for its “Office Space” series) and will run pre-roll ads. is further experimenting with advertising content, helping brands create custom content.  

While the company did not disclose the advertisers on board after the first week, nor was pricing discussed, media buyers said pre-roll CPMs are $25 and display ads hover around $15.  

Capital is also starting with a built-in audience base that stretches beyond the more general audience. It teamed up with LinkedIn to produce a weekly column from LinkedIn’s influencer program. Execs like Richard Branson often write on the LinkedIn platform on a range of professional topics, and Capital will highlight many of the insights from these leaders, according to

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