Mail Online goes for editorial expansion in UK, US and beyond

Mail Online plans for significant editorial expansion in UK and US, with further plans to expand editorial operations in other countries that include Australia, as well, reported.

This move follows the recent online success recorded by the website, with highest traffic in the month of May, according to Audit Bureau of Circulation, reaching an average of 8.2 million unique visitors per day and 128.6 million over the month. While the nature of the journalistic openings and the number of openings were not revealed by the publisher of Mail Online, Martin Clarke hopes to find the right journalistic talent to fuel the growth plans.

The world’s most popular newspaper website says it has ‘no cap’ on recruitment and plans to launch in new territories, MediaGuardian reported. The Daily Mail website will increase “significantly” its number of staff from the current total of more than 100. Clarke said there were “massive opportunities for future growth” of the website but declined to give details on where it plans to open offices or how many staff it will hire. The showbiz-heavy site already has offices in the US and in India.

“We’ve been very successful in the domestic and American markets thanks to the strengths of the core editorial team we have here – they’re the best. Now I want to find and hire the best journalists outside of the Mail Online to help us grow that success. The global publishing market is tougher than it ever has been and the jobs we’re looking to fill will be very demanding. However, the opportunities are enormous, which is why we need the cream of the journalistic crop to realise our ambitions,” Clarke added.

Currently the company is not focused on chasing profits but on increasing global revenues and expanding presence to build upon the audience engagement. The profits will flow consequently; hence the company is keenly on lookout for opportunities and on an investment mode.

By: Savita V Jayaram
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