Social + mobile conference to expose revenue opportunities

Social and mobile are two of the hottest spots on the digital media landscape. As revenue projections for targeted mobile advertising on social media sites and apps grow exponentially, smart media companies are taking advantage of “SoMo” revenue opportunities.

A variety of SoMo case studies will be explored at the “Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money” conference from 21 to 22 August in Chicago. The event is sponsored by Borrell Associates, Local Media Association and Local Search Association. 

The speakers will be from Internet pureplays like Google and Facebook, and from local media companies and technology companies. The opportunities for revenue-making in the social and mobile space will be key, with the integration of Google, Facebook, Groupon, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and more into locally targeted campaigns on mobile.

Gian Fulgoni, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, comScore, will show how research data illuminates the opportunities for revenues in the Social and mobile space, including Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site. Pinterest is a target marketer’s dream, as 80 percent of its users are women.

At a recent Borrell conference, Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association, talked about the Local + Mobile opportunity. There are unique advantages of mobile – it’s personal, pervasive and provides proximity, Stuart said. “Make the local advertiser buy local,” he said. Manage frequency, capitalise on the time of day. Ad size and page placement matter, he said. “Location, location, location – targeting opens up a new set of customers who want to target specific areas within the (geography),” he said. 

Click here to register for the conference.

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