NY Times released on IFTTT channel

NY Times is the most recent media company to partner with IFTTT, a start-up service that connects websites to social media networks. Users of the website can now set ‘six triggers’, which relates to the content on the news site, TheGuardian reports.

By connecting the Times to other social media platforms such as Evernote, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, and Google Calendar, users can now auto share and auto save articles published on the Times as well as set up SMS and e-mail alerts. The six various triggers that the channel can perform include a trigger notifying users when a new article is published within the specific section a user specifies.  This function can also be linked to their Twitter account so that the article is auto-tweeted or automatically saved to read later, Journalism.co.uk reports.

This service helps users “automate their online life,” according to a post on the Times Blog. The most exciting part is that the entire service is publicly available through APIs.

Additionally, a trigger fires every time a ‘new article from search’ is published that matches an exact search query stipulated by the user. The ‘new event in category’ fires every time an event is listed in a category specified by the user, but this is now limited to the New York area only, TheNextWeb.com reports.

By: Savita V Jayaram

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