Newspaper advertising expenditure forecast for 2013

The top 25 daily newspaper digital editions are The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal far away from the rest of the pack, and both driven by daily “non-replica” editions, including mobile and PC Internet sites. The Times’ digital circulation is almost 900,000, while the Journal is at almost 800,000. The New York Post, Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Newark Star-Ledger and New York Newsday rounded out the top eight digital newspaper circulations, according to Alliance of Audited Media and Pew’s “State of the News Media” study in 2013.

The advertising expenditure forecast for newspapers in 2013 in some countries is dramatically lower than in 2012, according to WARC’s “International Ad Forecast 2013”. Australia is predicted to lose the most adspend, down 9.5 percent from 2012; followed by Italy, down8.4 percent; United States, down 8.3 percent; France, down 7.9 percent; China, down 7.6 percent; Canada, down 6 percent; and the United Kingdom, down 5.5 percent, according to WARC’s forecast. The unoptimistic forecast signals a readjustment since the economic crisis of 2008/09 and further evidence of the decline of print newspaper advertising in some countries, and a double digit growth of digital advertising.

The data set is a part of a collection of 500 revenue and usership trends in mobile, social, Internet, tablet, video and other digital categories, published in the 200-page Global Digital Media Trendbook 2013. GDMT, in its eight year, is to be published by World Newsmedia Network, a not-for-profit media research company, in September 2013. To subscribe to the PDF report and/or the tablet edition, go to, or contact

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