Global users who share everything or most things online

To put social engagement in even broader perspective, Mary Meeker’s 2013 report measured engagement from self-reported online sharing statistics across a broader
swath of countries than even the GlobalWebIndex study. Meeker’s report found that the percent of Brazil residents who felt they shared online was right on the edge of the world average of 24 percent, and China residents were near 35 percent, whereas the number of people in Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia who felt they shared everything or most things online exceeded Brazil and China considerably, with each country’s percent near or above 50 percent.

The invariable question would be, what compels people to share all of their personal and professional triumphs and failures; their interests and dreams; their personal and family statuses; their political and religious affiliations; their pictures and videos; their brand and product preferences and beyond?

GlobalWebIndex looks at these statistics in a more complete way, with the degrees to which Internet users in these countries are engaged in social media, based on the number of activities each person is involved in.

The GlobalWebIndex defines social engagement through a variety of social media activities such as participation in a social network, micro-blogging on Twitter, forum, commenting on story, uploading a photo or video, writing a story or blog and liking a product or brand. China ranks highest for the number of activities performed, followed by other socially active countries, including Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Brazil. Countries not as immersed in multiple social media activities include Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.

The data set is a part of a collection of 500 revenue and usership trends in mobile, social, Internet, tablet, video and other digital categories, published in the 200-page Global Digital Media Trendbook 2013. GDMT, in its eight year, is to be published by World Newsmedia Network, a not-for-profit media research company, in September 2013. To subscribe to the PDF report and/or the tablet edition, go to, or contact

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