Axel Springer Goes Anglophone to Seek Audiences outside Germany

Leading German publisher Axel Springer plans to become an Anglophone publisher to seek international audiences by offering coverage in formats outside German, Media Guardianreports.

Embarking on this new ground, the Axel Springer academy created an English-language reporting project titled, “Generation Separation” wherein young German journalists were offered with the task of reporting live from 15 different countries in English for 10 days, Newsroom.dereports.

Marc Thomas Spahl, director of Axel Springer Academy aims to run many more projects in English, like these at the academy. This move follows his recent visit to the Silicon Valley start-up and seemed like an inspiration drawn from Carlos Watson, founder of OZY, the US leading arts and culture magazine launched in September 2013. Axel Springer further happens to be OZY’s largest investor.

“Our students from Berlin will in future write about music, trends, youth issues for OZY”, said Spahl. Watson “was excited about the idea. Therefore it is a win-win situation.”

As a part of the project, 18 reporters in five teams visited a total of 15 European countries and researched stories about the crisis topics of right-wing populism, economic crisis, and movement towards autonomy, extremism and ethnic conflicts. The stories reported, addressed one key question, “Is the younger generation dissociating itself from the idea of Europe, is there a “Generation Separation?,” according to a press release by Axel Springer.

The results of this multimedia project are now available at

Asserting a firm belief that it is not required for German journalists to translate all their articles into English, Spahl said, “But if it makes sense, as it does now in our European project and there is an audience, then it is worthwhile. What you should always do, when dealing with a topic which has international relevance, is to also send out ‘teasers’ in English and to specifically share these via the social networks to potential multipliers, bloggers etc,” MediaGuardian quoted.

Axel Springer is not the only one seeking an international audience. According to recent reports, Handelsblatt, the Düsseldorf-based business title, has launched an English-language global edition to tap international markets.

By: Savita V Jayaram
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