Mobile-only nations surging: Digital Hot Spots trends

2015-09-08 13_52_39-GDMT Chapter 4 blog items [Compatibility Mode] - Microsoft WordWorld Newsmedia Network has constructed the Digital Hot Spots map each year since 2006. The map shows the nations with the highest penetrations of Internet and mobile users in red, the highest concentrations of mobile but not Internet in orange, and the countries with high penetration of Internet but not mobile in green. Those nations shaded in blue continue to underperform in both mobile and Internet penetrations, according to global Central Intelligence Agency and Internet World Stats data.

Since 2006, the world has seen dramatic growth in mobile and Internet penetrations. An important change started in 2011 is the shift toward mobile-focused access of the Internet, particularly in Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia. The main drivers of this shift is are inexpensive smartphones and connectivity that are making it possible for people of limited means to access the Internet.

From 2013 to 2014, a variety of countries are graduating from the ranks of unconnected to connected via PC and mobile. The most notable changes are China, India and a host of Latin American and African countries, all which have moved to mobile hotspots, with more than 75 percent mobile penetrations.

This data set is among the many trends highlighted in the annual Global Digital Media Trendbook. The 2015 GDMT executive summary is now available for free. The Trendbook itself is packed with 500 data sets, 70,000 words of analysis and 230 pages of digital media usage and revenue trends.

The executive summary captures the essence of the trendbook, with 20 pages of 2015’s hottest digital media trends in mobile, video, social media, Big Data and digital revenue streams. For more information, contact publisher Martha Stone at, or go to to download the executive summary.

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