Apple tops in U.S.; Symbian in India and Android in South Korea and China

11_9Some operating systems are popular in some countries and not others. For example, Apple iPhone iOS is most popular in the United States, commanding a 41 percent market share, followed by Australia, 39 percent; Canada, Sweden and Singapore, 38 percent; and Thailand and the United Kingdom, 31 percent.

Meanwhile, Android is most popular in South Korea, commanding an 80 percent market share, followed by China, Malaysia and Spain, 76 percent; and Taiwan, 75 percent. The troubled Blackberry operating system is most popular in South Africa, with a 40 percent share, followed distantly by Indonesia with a 28 percent share; and the UAE with a 20 percent share. The Windows Phone has less than 13 percent share in countries including Vietnam, Mexico and India.

This data set is among the many trends highlighted in the annual Global Digital Media Trendbook. The 2015 GDMT executive summary is now available for free. The Trendbook itself is packed with 500 data sets, 70,000 words of analysis and 230 pages of digital media usage and revenue trends.

The executive summary captures the essence of the trendbook, with 20 pages of 2015’s hottest digital media trends in mobile, video, social media, Big Data and digital revenue streams. For more information, contact publisher Martha Stone at, or go to to download the executive summary.

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