Tablet usage skews male, affluent and young

11_13Tablet users tend to be male, under 34 years old, and high income. Of tablet Internet users, 59 percent are male, while 57 percent of PC/laptop Internet users are male, according to the GWI study. Almost two-thirds of tablet Internet users are under 34-years-old (62 percent), while 58 percent of PC/laptop Internet users are.

Tablet Internet users are represented well across all incomes, especially those in the top 25 percent income bracket, with 33 percent of tablet Internet users, compared to only 20 percent for laptop/PC Internet users. The largest age group for both tablet and personal PC/tablet Internet users the middle 50 percent of income earners, represented by 35 percent of each category.

This data set is among the many trends highlighted in the annual Global Digital Media Trendbook. The 2015 GDMT executive summary is now available for free. The Trendbook itself is packed with 500 data sets, 70,000 words of analysis and 230 pages of digital media usage and revenue trends.

The executive summary captures the essence of the trendbook, with 20 pages of 2015’s hottest digital media trends in mobile, video, social media, Big Data and digital revenue streams. For more information, contact publisher Martha Stone at, or go to to download the executive summary.

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