Male Millennials Are Highest Demographic for All Video Viewers


Around the world, video viewers tend to be young and male. According to comScore’s Sept. 2014 report “Video Metrix,” 14.2 percent of males ages 15 to 24, and 13.8 percent of males ages 25 to 34 consume videos each month. Meanwhile, almost half as many females consume videos. Eight and a half percent of females 15-to 24-years-old and 8.4 percent of those 25 to 34 consumed videos. All video viewers in the 15-to 24-year-old category consumed an average of 66.8 videos per month, while all video viewers ages 25 to 34 consumed an average of 62.8 videos per month.

Far fewer Internet users ages 35 and older consume videos, and in smaller quantities, on average. Just 5.6 percent of males ages 35 to 44 consumed videos in Sept. 2014, while 3.1 percent of males age 45 and older consumed videos per month. Mean- while, 3.8 percent of females ages 35 to 44 consumed videos, while 2.1 percent of females 45 and above consumed videos. All viewers ages 35 to 44 consumed an average of 57.3 videos per month, while those 45 and above consumed an average of 53.2 videos per month, according to comScore.

While global video viewing numbers show the overall trend, regional and country-by-country video viewing statistics tell a far more powerful story: video viewers in some countries are huge consumers of video, while other countries haven’t caught up to the video viewing trend yet. These statistics help media companies build their strategies to both dovetail with current trends and plan for emerging trends.

For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to

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