Male Video Viewers in Japan Access Almost Double than Female Counterpart


WcomScore’s profile of video viewers in Japan corroborates GlobalWebIndex’s findings: Japan’s video viewer reach of the Internet population is 80 percent, skewing higher for some Web properties such as Google sites, particularly YouTube. Other popular video sites in Japan include FC2, Dwango, Yahoo! and DMM, all of which attract a much lower video viewer following compared to Google.

Male video viewers in Japan access more than double the number of videos and spend twice the amount of time on videos than their female counterparts, according to comScore’s “Video Metrix” report in Sept. 2014. Male video viewers ages 15 to 24 access an average of 393.6 videos per viewer per month, for an average of 4,229.8 minutes per viewer each month compared to female video viewers who access 203.4 videos per viewer per month, for a total of 1,706.7 minutes per viewer.

Comparatively, males 35-to 44-years-old access 318.6 videos per month for a total of 3,270.9 minutes per month, while women ages 35 to 44 access 193.5 videos per month for a total of 1,652.4 minutes per month. Compared to other countries, Japanese video viewers tend to access longform video, such as TV episodes and movies, thus driving up the average time spent on each video.


For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to

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