Video Interest is Important in News Consumption Format Internationally


Digital news users were asked about the degree to which they prefer reading and watching news online. Fourteen percent
of those respondents from Spain read text stories and watch news videos about the same amount, followed by 12 percent from Germany and 11 percent from the United States. Forty-nine percent of those in the United Kingdom and Finland say they prefer to read news in text, followed by 44 percent in Germany, 39 percent in Spain and 32 percent in the United States.

Many respondents said they preferred reading text-based news, supplemented by a small amount of video. Thirty-nine percent of the Finnish respondents, followed by 38 percent of those from Spain, 37 percent from the United States, 29 per- cent from Germany and 28 percent from the United Kingdom, preferred the hybrid approach to consuming online news Sometimes the reasons for not using a specific platform is more instructive than the reasons for using it or liking it. According to the “Digital News Report 2014,” the majority of respondents do not access video because they prefer to read articles, followed by preferring to watch videos on a bigger screen than a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to

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