Brazil Shares Most News Content in Entire World


Only five years ago, bookmarking and direct-to-homepage visits were by far the means by which readers accessed news- paper and magazine websites. Now social media and search are the predominant access points for these sites.

However, users in each country drive regional trends. In Europe in particular, access to traditional media still rules, fol- lowed by social media access for news and, to a lesser degree, pure play offerings like Google News and MSN News. Mean- while, social media-accessed news dominates in Japan and to a lesser degree, Brazil and Italy, according to the 2014 edition of Reuters Institute’s annual Digital Study.

It follows that Brazil and Italy are among the most prolific content sharers via email or social networks, with 54 percent of Brazilians and 44 percent of Italians sharing content via social networks or email every week. Other countries where users are also prolific sharers are Spain, 40 percent; the 092316aUnited States, 35 percent; Finland, 24 percent; Denmark, 23 percent; and France, 21 percent.

Social media users share actions like links, posts and comments with friends, colleagues and family on the social platforms that resonate with them. Facebook commanded an 82 percent share of all articles shared, according to Buzzsumo and Fractl’s 2014 report, “Which Publishers are Winning in Social Engagement.” The report studied 2.6 billion shares of 1 million articles from 90 global publishers on five social plat- forms in the first half of 2014. Other social networks trailed behind significantly, with Twitter driving 8.6 percent of shares; Google+, 4.3 percent; Pinterest, 3 percent; and LinkedIn, 2.2 percent.

For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to


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