Among Other Findings, Mexico Leads in Online Radio Consumption, Study Finds


Time spent on social networks varies by country, but many countries average more than two hours per day per social media user, according to GWI. The most rabid users of social media include those from the Philippines, 3.42 hours per day; Mexico, 2.91; Argentina, 2.85; Brazil, 2.84; the United Arab Emirates, 2.81; Malaysia, 2.8; Thailand, 2.69; Saudi Arabia, 2.61; Indonesia, 2.44; Turkey, 2.42; South Africa, 2.28; Vietnam, 2.12; and India, 2.06. 103116bThe average number of social media accounts varies by age group and by countries where the social media users live. The younger the person, the more likely it is that the person will have more accounts. According to GWI, those between ages 16 and 24 average more than six accounts, while those between 35 and 54 average four or five accounts. Those 55 and over average about three accounts.

For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to

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