East Asia is the Ultimate Leader in Social Media Accounts and Time Online


Internet users in China, India and Indonesia average more than seven accounts, while those from the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa average six or more accounts, according to GWI.

Users in East Asia, including China, Japan and South Korea, represent the highest number active social media accounts, by region, according to a We Are Social report, published in Jan. 2015. East Asia accounts for 690 million active social media accounts, compared to North America, 206 million; South- east Asia, 199 million; South America, 197 million; Western Europe, 197 million; Eastern Europe, 190 million; South Asia, 157 million; and Africa, 103 million.110416b110416c

While sheer numbers drive East Asia’s dominance of active social media accounts, penetrations of these users, by country, tell a different story. Highest penetrations include North America, 58 percent; South America, 48 percent; Western Europe, 47 percent; Eastern Europe, 45 percent; Oceania, 45 percent; and East Asia, 45 percent. The lowest penetrations are in Central Asia, 4 percent; South Asia, 9 percent; and Africa, 9 percent. Southeast Asia is considered Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. South Asia is considered India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Oceania is considered Australia and New Zealand.

Time spent on social media, by age

Why do Internet users engage with social media? e most popular reasons are to “stay in touch with what my friends are doing,” to “ fill spare time,” and because “a lot of my friends are on it,” according to a GWI study. Beyond the social part of social media, users are also interested in reading news, sharing photos and videos, networking with others, and finding entertaining content.


For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to www.wnmn.org.

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