16-24 Year Olds on Social Networking More Than Any Other Age or Category


Age plays a role in the degree to which users care about these topics. The younger respondents tend to be far more engaged in social media in general, and also desire the social element of social networking to a far greater degree, compared to older respondents.

According to GlobalWebIndex, younger respondents spend far more hours and a higher percentage of each day on social media and micro-blogging than their older constituents. Thee GWI study tallied the number of hours and the percent- age of time spent on online media in 2014, and determined that those between ages 16 and 24 spent 2.5 hours on social networking each day, compared to less than one hour for those ages 55 to 64. Further, those in the youngest age group spent one-fourth of their online media time on social networking, while those 55 and over spent about one-sixth of their time online on social networking.

The Millennials, ages 17 to 31, are the most prolific users of social media. The No. 1 reason more than half of them access the Internet is to stay connected to friends.
 In addition to maintaining social connections, fewer than half also want to use the Internet for education, to research how to do things, to research for work, to research and products to buy, to stay on top of news and events, to network for work, and for entertainment purposes, according to GWI.

For more information, or to download the executive summary of the 2015 Global Digital Media Trendbook, go to www.wnmn.org.

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